We are The Architects for Your Financial Future.

We are The Architects for Your Financial Future.

When you work with Vis Wealth Partners, we help you create a financial plan that serves as a blueprint for your future.

Imagine for a moment that you’re designing your dream home. You hire an architect to draw up plans that meet your needs and objectives and incorporate everything you need for a design that’s functional. Maybe you want a lot of natural light. Your architect will help you plan how many windows you’ll need and where to place them. Doorways, staircases, fixtures, and support beams are all crucial for making your home sturdy and accessible. And maybe for fun, you factor in the at-home sauna you’ve been wanting.

As your financial architects, we follow a similar process when you engage us in fee-based financial planning. We begin by consulting with you to understand your needs and goals. We then come up with a custom plan that can help you reach them, outlining the tools that can help along the way. Over time, we’ll work with you to refine your financial blueprint so it continues to grow as you do.

Here’s a closer look at the services we offer:

Our Fee-Based Financial Planning Services

  • Financial Positioning: We start with a review of your financial situation. By assessing your current balance sheet, cash flow and debt management, we establish an understanding of where your finances are right now. Are you able to cover current expenses? How much are you able to save for your future? The answers to these questions form the foundation of a financial plan that works for you now and will continue to work for you for the rest of your life.
  • Goal Setting: When you begin a journey, it helps to know your destination. Our team helps you set and prioritize financial goals and come up with innovative solutions to meet them. We consider your risk tolerance and time horizon when choosing wealth-building strategies to make sure you’re comfortable with the strategies we choose and can meet your goals on time.
  • Wealth Accumulation: An understanding of goals, risk and time horizon helps our team choose an investment plan that maximizes return, while managing risk. Through periodic reviews, our team can help ensure that this investment plan reflects the inevitable changes you’ll experience throughout your life. Learn more about our wealth management services.
  • Tax Management: Tax laws are complicated and change frequently. We can guide you through tax strategies that help you keep as much of what you earn as possible.
  • Retirement Planning: Your golden years should be worry-free. We consult with you to maximize retirement assets through accumulation strategies, tax planning, and retirement income planning. If you’re already retired, we can work with you to ensure your income needs are being met. Learn more about our retirement planning services.
  • Estate Planning: A proper estate plan can help ensure your family is taken care of in the future. We can advise how to maximize your estate through tax-efficient strategies and trusts. We can guide you through establishing a will, power of attorney, and living health directives to help ensure your wishes are carried out as planned. Learn more about our estate planning services.
  • Additional Services: As a full-service agency, we also provide business succession planning, insurance consulting, and more. Let us help you with all your financial planning questions.

When the fee-based planning process is complete, the blueprint we create is yours. We’d be thrilled to offer our guidance and full range of services to help you carry out the plan, but you are under no obligation.

If you are ready to learn more about how you can secure your future, contact us for a complimentary consultation and we can get started building your financial plan together.

Financial plan recommendations can be implemented with the advisor of your choosing. Implementation of specific products or services may result in commissions or fees outside of the financial planning fee.

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Helping People Create Sound


Solutions For Their Retirement Assets

Complimentary Consultation

Helping People Create Sound Financial Solutions For Their Retirement Assets

Complimentary Consultation